Sales Training in Dubai




2 Comprehensive Sales Training Courses for your sales people will be conducted in Dubai in March 2009



• How to assess a customer's shopping profiles

• How to use friendly persuasion

• How to turn "just looking" into a sale!

• How to handle concerns and objections

• How to increase the average sale and closing rate

• How to build loyalty, and much more!


2) B2B (Business To Business) SALES TRAINING:

• How to prospect

• How to get appointments

• How to build rapport with the prospect

• How to make great presentations

• How to handle objections and close the sale

• How to use Emotional Intelligence and Psychology every step of the way, etc.


ONLY AED 4,000

per person (pp) for a 3-day training session on one of the two subjects listed above. Sign up more than one person for the same session & subject and pay only AED 3,600 pp. Payment to be made to our local sponsoring company. Training will take place in a local Dubai hotel with daily buffets & refreshments.


Training will include visual presentation (DVD), in-class role playing, sales games, etc. Your sales force will be more productive, self confident and will always look forward to the sales job with enthusiasm! The trainer has 25 years of experience in outside sales, sales training and sales management and is offering to extensively train your sales people, either privately in your office, or as part of a group training for several companies done together at one time in Dubai in March 2009. Each training will be conducted, separately of course, over 3 days,  9 am to 5 pm with coffee and lunch breaks, all included in the fee. Most likely, the 3 training days will be Sunday to Tuesday. A schedule will be set up a few weeks before the start of each training and will be announced on this website.

Abdallah Eljabaly

Trainer and President of Florida Business Association LLC

Benefit from the trainer's great understanding and application of the US sales techniques, having lived & worked in sales, sales management and sales training in the USA for 30 years. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the American University of Beirut and MBA work from the University of Arizona.

His greatest asset in training your sales force in Dubai will be that he is an Arab-American, speaks and writes Arabic fluently, and understands the Arab culture and the ways of doing business in the Middle East. He will bring his training material including printed manuals, DVDs, etc. The fee per person is affordable and the results will be priceless! If you have a large group of sales people, or want to pay the total group fee, he will conduct a private training in your office!

Business is not just going to come to you. In economic downturns, such as the ones we all are experiencing now, to varying degrees of course, smart companies need to upgrade their peoples' sales talents! They need to use this period as an opportunity to better engage and train their existing sales force staff than to lay some of them off.  We shall train them to be more effective sales people and to increase their closing ratios so your Company's sales will increase over your competition's! Contact us to give you an offer based on your needs and the number of people to train.


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