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We are publishing a full color glossy directory, Florida's Best, that we shall direct mail to 10,000 owners of medium to large businesses in the oil-rich city of Dubai. The main purpose of the directory is to promote to those 10,000 Dubai businesses a very good mix of Florida-based businesses such as manufacturers, exporters, educational and medical institutions, professional companies (such as lawyers, architects, etc), engineering, construction, etc.

In addition to that, we want to entice them to visit Florida and its tourist attractions, invest in local real estate, send their sons and daughters to Florida colleges and universities, come for medical treatment, etc. The scope of future cooperation between Florida businesses and these 10,000 Dubai businesses is truly endless!

If your business or organization can benefit from reaching 10,000 rich international businesses and their owners, then you really need to consider promoting it on Florida's Best. But, you may ask, why Dubai?

Dubai has become a world business center. It is using the billions of its oil dollars in building local mega projects, going on a buying spree of quality products and services, and investing in foreign companies, real estate and other assets. Finally, the owners of medium to large businesses are the affluent individuals in Dubai.

Before you sign up, we know you may have a lot of questions either about Dubai itself and/or about the project in general. The purpose of this web page is to answer all the questions you may have about both topics. We do not mail any literature as all the information is on this web page!

 If you have any questions not answered on this web page, please call our voice mail
1-888-899-3190, 24/7, and leave a detailed message with your phone number, area code included. Our rep. will call you and answer these questions. If you then want to sign up, she will arrange for our manager to come to your place of business, if you are in our area of business, or arrange to do so by email, mail and / or fax if you are outside that area. Thank you.

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Where is Dubai?

In case you never heard of Dubai, here are some facts:

• Dubai is an emirate in the Arabian Gulf, part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) , a country that is one of the USA’s best friends in the Middle East and one of the major oil producing countries in that area.

• While the US economy is on the verge of a recession, the growth rate of the UAE is around 25% a year. The projects in UAE total $225 billions, with Dubai holding nearly $125 billion of that amount.

• The population of Dubai is expected to go from the current 1.1 million to 4 million by the year 2017.

• Dubai’s port, Jebel Ali, constructed in the 1970s, has the largest man-made harbor in the world. Dubai is also increasingly developing as a hub for service industries such as IT and finance, with the establishment of a new Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

• The world’s tallest hotel has officially opened. The 202-suite Burj Al Arab, seen on the right, stands 1,060 feet high and floats on its own man-made island.

• Burj Dubai, under construction, will be the tallest structure on Earth! It is expected to be finished in 2009.

• The world’s first “Building in Motion”, being designed by Italian architects, will have revolving floors powered by wind turbines giving it ever-changing shapes!

• Dubai is spending billions of dollars investing abroad, in buying companies, real estate, and in importing, warehousing & redistributing products in the region.

• Dubai was named as one of the world's top 50 cities that are the hubs of the new worldwide economy. This ranking positions the city as a leader in the Middle East, offering a strong business climate for foreign companies to use Dubai as the center of their regional operations. If you want to grow your business, Dubai is where the action is! We can help you establish contacts there.

Why do business in Dubai?

The timing could not be better for you to have contacts in Dubai, do business with them, make money in that city and, through Dubai, the entire region. 3 major reasons:

A) the US economy is near a recession and opportunities for growth here are scarce. One has to look elsewhere.

B) The US dollar’s low value vs. other currencies makes US products very affordable to overseas buyers.

C) American products, services, expertise & investment in the USA are very much in demand in Dubai.

Reach 10,000 rich individuals in Dubai

We are publishing a full color glossy directory called FLORIDA’S BEST, which will be direct-mailed to 10,000 owners of medium to large businesses in Dubai, ranging from importers, wholesalers, general trade firms, distributors, representatives, commercial agencies, investment companies, etc. You can advertise in it, promote your business, products, services, expertise, etc. You can also specify what you are looking for: agents, reps., distributors, investors, etc. The color ad rates are very affordable, starting from only $395 including free ad design and proofing. There are different ad sizes with rates to suit every need and budget! Call for a FREE ONE-TIME PRESENTATION, in person or, if you are outside our business area, over the phone.

For your information, just buying the list of 10,000 Dubai businesses costs us $3,000! Air-mailing the directory will cost $1.69 per directory (total $16,900)! It is an expensive project to launch but we kept our ad rates very affordable to motivate as many Florida-based businesses as possible to get in on it! The ad spaces are is very limited, on a 1st-come, 1st-served basis. Many have already been sold. So don’t be left out. Call us 7 days a week!

Fl. businesses that would benefit most

-Manufacturers & Exporters:: would be reaching importers, general traders, agents, distributors, wholesalers, etc. who are always looking for US products to distribute locally in Dubai and throughout the Gulf. 

-Attractions: to promote themselves to 10,000 potential visitors to Florida

-Realtors: The directory will reach 10,000 owners of businesses who would be enticed by the current low Florida real estate prices to buy property for investment, vacation, etc.

-New Home Builders: would be reaching 10,000 prospects who are flush with money and would not need to secure loans to buy a second or vacation home in Florida.

-Vacation Time Share Planners: would find in these 10,000 affluent business owners great prospects for their vacation time share packages.

-Tour Operators: Florida is known in the Middle East, as well as all over the world, as a tourist and vacation destination & these 10,000 business owners would not hesitate to bring their families with the right tour offers.

-Educational Institutions: could promote themselves to 10,000 business owners who are capable of sending their sons and daughters to study in Florida schools and colleges.

-Any other Florida business that would benefit from reaching overseas prospects!

About the directory & how to sign up!

Florida's Best is a full color directory, 5 1/2" wide x 8 1/2" deep. It is printed on high quality glossy paper. It will have an index showing the types of businesses advertising. It is a new directory, identical in shape, form and size to our other directories: The Platinum, The Diamond, etc

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To advertise your business or institution, either click on the link below, fill the form and submit it. Alternatively, you can call 1-888-899-3190 and leave a detailed message. Mari will call you as soon as possible and start the process of signing you up. Call us 24/7

Full Color Ad Rates are as follows:

1/10 Page $199 2.5" Wide x 1.5" Deep
1/8 Page $395 2.5" Wide x 2" Deep
1/4 Page $495 2.5" Wide x 4" Deep
1/2 Page $695 5" Wide x 4" Deep
Full Page $1000 5" Wide x 8" Deep
Inside Covers $1100 5" Wide x 8" Deep
Front Cover $1200 3.5" Wide x 5" Deep
Center Fold $1800 10" Wide x 8" Deep


To submit your ad order,

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Some of Dubai's Mega Projects


Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest building at 2,313 ft. high. The Sears Tower (the 5th tallest), by comparison, is 1,451 ft. and the Empire State Building (the 10th tallest) is 1,250 ft tall!

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